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Reflection on W10

Talk and tasks of drawing maps and constructing bridges. An architectural approach.     Nothing -> Something The Present -> The Future    A -> B  I couldn’t help but think of two things: 1. High school geography: The study… Continue Reading →

Week 10 AKA Morning Tea Gate 2.0

After an utterly sensational morning tea spread last week, you could basically hear our hearts break and tummies grumbles heighten in unison when we discovered we would be, for the second time this semester, sans delectable delights for this class…. Continue Reading →

Found object (finally): A cross from a protagonist

Can something be a found object if it’s personally given to you? Perhaps it can be, when the person who gave it to you is someone you’ve ‘found’, through strange circumstance and unpredictability. I mainly wanted to share this with you… Continue Reading →

Found Object: #truelife boardgame

I went home a few weeks ago to visit my mum and dad at our family home about ten clicks north of the thriving metropolis that is Albury, New South Wales. We live in a little house on 35 acres,… Continue Reading →


Making plasticine Precursor Precursors were the go as our final experiment today. This was a chance to really play around, to take a chance, to plumb Our Sensible, to do thinking-in-the-body, to expand our breathing as language back into and because of… Continue Reading →

Week 9 notetaking

We began the class freewriting about the question ‘What is thinking?’ What is a preposition: a word that associates some spatial or temporal relation to a verb. Thinking with prepositions: ‘thinking above,’ ‘without thinking,’ ‘thinking about,’ etc. Morning tea Alison… Continue Reading →

Drawing Caroline

To play with different parts of our brains, to exercise looking, we drew Caroline. Jennifer Roberts says: [J]ust because you have looked at something doesn’t mean that you have seen it. Just because something is available instantly to vision does not… Continue Reading →

Assorted doves

Question: is this fiction or (non)fiction? To which Kiah Meadows might say (thank you Kiah for the postcard): if I was to share something about which I’d noticed in the world, it would be this from an ad I’d seen in my… Continue Reading →

Week 8 reflection

This week, we spent a good part of the class talking about writing; specifically, how we write, and the methods each of us use, and what methods we could try. Personally, I’ve never been one to think much about my… Continue Reading →

Found object: water-damaged notebook

I sat my backpack down in the outdoor beer garden of The Retreat Hotel in Brunswick to drink goodbye to a friend who was leaving town. I had been at uni all day and my bag was overfilled with my typical inventory… Continue Reading →

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