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Week of 10

How to use the templates and inDesign What is everyone working on and specific concerns, blocks, problems? Bibliography questions (new ones to Facebook please) Edit someone else’s pages and discuss PhD proposals email to me

Examiner’s Forms and Templates

The assessment templates your examiners received. Read these to know what they are asked to look for

Additional Edit Days

Wednesday September 21, from 11am. Friday September 23, from midday. In 9.2.6. BYO food. On paper, you need a biro.

Interview Three

After a circular and very intriguing (and valuable) conversation the following was noted: some spent too long on the interview artefacts they were interesting and rewarding they took up too much time they seemed to be worth more and more… Continue Reading →

Publication Templates

In next week’s class a demo of how to use the inDesign templates to lay out your work will happen. The templates can be found at

PhD Applications step 1

For those wanting to apply for PhDs the time to start crafting an application is now. The steps to be done for next week are: find the RMIT application form, download, read make a note of all questions you have… Continue Reading →

Edit Intensive 1

JOBS lunch ordered for Tuesday you need your draft on paper double spaced a red or similarly bold pen is good arrive with coffee or other stimulants, we do not hive off between sessions SCHEDULE pomodoro 1 10 pomodoro 2… Continue Reading →

It Is Only in the Doing

There are projects that seem quite clear as long as they remain in the author’s mind, but when he begins to write, everything slips through his fingers. He may have a clear vision of the starting and ending points, but… Continue Reading →

Week 7 of the Semester 2 academic year

Journals to be examined this week belong to Toby, Mollie, and Fan Ching.

First interview, if you making physical artefact then Friday hand in digital version the usual way but bring it to class Tuesday to give to your interviewee.

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