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Week 11 Visualisation

Who are these people?

Back row: Rubbing Klumpy, Funkle, Egg, Lizadora, Professor Milk. Front row: Nurd, Salad Salad, Bonald.

It’s not too late for Week Nine’s notes yet

I appear to have only written questions as my notes. Who needs answers.   Amanda Palmer: Woman? Musician? Lifestyle Brand? Now she has all this responsibility, will she keep taking the same risks she has been making?   But what… Continue Reading →

Week 10 Visualisation

Notes from Week 10

By not being called Yoko, I can be more Salad Salad. This week, we met at the level 4 courtyard to discuss Funkle’s (Michelle’s) reading, the introduction to the 2010 edition of Rozsika Parker’s The Subversive Stitch. Here are some points about… Continue Reading →

Reading for Week 11

For this week’s reading I’ve chosen the first chapter of Miguel Sicart’s Play Matters (apologies to those who may have already read it!). I’ve also attached the footnotes for this chapter if you’re interested – as you’ll see, there are a… Continue Reading →

Visualisation Week 8

Week 9 Visualisation

Aliens, Ring cases, The pendulum of success and quotes from the day,

Week 9 – Reflection

Giving and receiving help is probably the most important act we perform in this lab. This is something we identified early, and some element of helping and being helped can be teased out from half of our manifesto. The other… Continue Reading →

Week 10 Reading

For the reading this week I’ve chosen the introduction to The Subversive Stitch by Rozsika Parker. Originally published in the 1980s, the book was re-printed recently and Parker wrote a new and updated intro that concentrates on today’s expanding crafts… Continue Reading →

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