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Week 11 recap

(In order of appearance) Jake T, Ange, Fan Ching, Adrian, Geordie not comin’, Mollie, Zoe, Brendan   Eagle stickers Chip and dip (slight issue opening the dip, ange gave it a whack though) Bullet journals Salsa on the bullet journals… Continue Reading →

The precursors are coming!

Lab. Update. aka Breaking News

We all checked up on where we all up to in our various precursors. For next lab we are going to be rolled up sleeves making – making precursors (physically), writing the essay that has to accompany it, compiling your… Continue Reading →

week 10 photos

Week 10 Y Lab

We went over what we had all been doing: Adrian is editing another essay and is impressed that he is finishing things for a change, he is also working on his book; Jake T worked on his precursor and will… Continue Reading →

y Lab recap: Week 10

We did the usual round of weekly updates on what we have been up to and what needs to be done. Adrian: Editing another essay. Had fun riding home, meeting wombats, kangaroos and rabbits. Wonder what he will meet next?… Continue Reading →

Week 9 Scribings

We talked about Jake R’s jeans for 5 minutes. Then we went over what we had been doing, and what we needed to do next week. Jake T: Mission was to have a set of rules to create empathy or… Continue Reading →

Precursors, Round and Round

Think in terms of threes. Three precursor things and the precursor is an assemblage (ha!) made up of these three things. It isn’t ‘in‘ one particular thing but happens between the three. Document progress, including failures. Reread Chapter Two of… Continue Reading →

Look, It’s Me

This is an essay that I’ve just submitted for, hopefully, peer review. While it is about interactive documentary it uses the Law reading so it might be useful for you to see how ideas and theories can be used/applied. Matters… Continue Reading →

Second Go at the Law

I talked about what might happen if you thought of documentary film as a history of stored energy. You could also use the same idea to think about the history of popular music (car radio, then transistor radio, then boom… Continue Reading →

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