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Notes: Week Nine (9)

We started off by writing, as usual. We had three sprints: Free Writing Writing about the constraints we tried to implement from last week Writing about the text we brought in We went around the class a good three times,… Continue Reading →

Reflection Week 8

I enjoy listening to what’s on everybody’s mind each week. The feeling of “what the fuck am I doing?” hasn’t really gone away, I feel like it hangs over us like a cloud of concern each week. Which, I don’t… Continue Reading →

reflection week 7.5

A make up class, we had leftover grapes and olives and more on our writing to think about … It was a particularly writing heavy class, and while I can’t speak for everyone, I definitely found I left feeling refreshed and… Continue Reading →

Notes from Week 7? Wednesday Class

First we chatted about experimental writing and looked Le Mays ‘In Praise of Nothing’. We talked about the way he structures his ideas and lays them out on the page, in his book we can see this happening in three… Continue Reading →

Reflection of Week 7 (maybe?)

This week was the first week back after an extended break. We started off with free writing, which seems to have become our general start of class routine and then moved on to ‘checking in’. In a lot of ways… Continue Reading →

Ai Weiwei “With flowers”

Write because you are alive

Charlotte Wood won the 2016 Stella Prize for her book The Natural Way of Things. In her acceptance speech she gives five reasons to write: To make something beautiful. To make something truthful. To make use of what you have and who you… Continue Reading →

notes from the lesson week 6

The lesson     10 mins of free writing, condensed to 25 word summary, condensed and then contextualise.   Josie- 25 words then her account of what she has been doing. Susan Sontag on photography, finding out whether or not… Continue Reading →

Found Object : Week Six

In keeping with the theme of my thesis, for Found Object this week I’ve decided to post this photo of my grandfather. I have only just gotten hold of this photograph as a friend of mine from Darwin has travelled… Continue Reading →

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